Propel home screen
  • Propel is securely hosted online for convenient, dependable access at any time or place.

  • Propel for Facet5 uses the language participants are familiar with, enabling them to quickly and easily use the Propel system to work towards relevant goals after feedback.

  • Adding a goal in Propel
  • Propel includes pre-set goals for common challenges so you can get started quickly. Its automated wizard can help users determine which goals and competencies are most important.

  • You can also customise goals to suit your unique situation and current priorities.

  • Customising a goal in Propel
  • Goals have many capabilities. You can set up deadlines for certain tasks and configure notifications for progress.

  • You can also assign goal mentors such as coaches and managers to individual goals to keep relevant people in the loop and increase the strength of your support network.

  • You can also take advantage of Propel's expansive resource library to attach media files to your goals.

  • Propel's resource library
  • Propel includes automated reminders which can help keep users focused and accountable. It will nudge users towards their goals at relevant points to help maintain momentum.
  • DISCLAIMER: Propel is compatible with Facet5 reports and has been developed to enable people to actively turn feedback into personal development goals and monitor progress. Synermetric has also created a number of versions of Propel mapped to other leading psychometric tools. Customers should note that, whilst Propel is compatible with Facet5, it has been created and developed by and on behalf of Synermetric totally independently of Facet5 and any other provider of psychometric tools. Propel is not endorsed by any provider save as expressly set out on Synermetric’s website.

    Arrange a Propel demo

    Interested in seeing Propel in action? We're happy to walk you through the software and show you how Propel can support behaviour change after a personality assessment. You can schedule a demo online or in person.