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Team Effectiveness

Teams are the lifeblood of an organisation, constantly in motion to push projects through, form committees, pick up slack, and generally keep the lights on. Managing multiple constantly-changing units is a complex task, and the importance of team functions makes it a vital one as well.

Enter team management for the 21st century: a beautiful merger of objective performance analysis, relationship and tension assessment, and good old-fashioned coaching for the business version of family counseling to ensure a happy, healthy workforce. Create and maintain teams which are greater than the sums of their parts.

Our Approach

Our team solutions apply to various stages of the team life cycle, with insights relevant to their ever-changing needs.

Formation: Optimising the creation process and organisation of new teams and directives

Conflict: Managing internal and external conflicts, rectifying stress points

Performance: Maintaining a well-performing team for sustainable continued efforts

Dissolution: Supporting members as teams dissolve, coaching for future endeavours Integration: Facilitating the entry of new members into an established group