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Selection & Recruitment

Recruitment is a challenging and high-risk endeavour, with a high cost in time and effort to find just the right candidate—and even greater potential losses if that candidate doesn’t turn out to be quite so right and the process must begin anew. However, recruitment is also a powerful tool with the potential to be one of an organisation’s greatest strengths. As the value of human capital becomes more and more apparent, the recruitment process has risen to the highest eschelons of business priorities. With the potential to do so much good—and so much bad—why put the process at risk with unproven and inexact methods?

Academic research and case study testing have identified proven solutions which best predict the performance and fit of potential recruits. Designing a recruitment process to fit your organisation’s needs and introduce objective data into the conversation has never been easier.

Our Approach

The solutions below are specifically curated for their strengths in five key areas of assessment and can provide invaluable insight as a keystone in the recruitment process.

Fit: Individual fit with the culture and ambitions of an organisation, department, team

Personality: Work-related characteristics, preferences and motivations based on a number of traits

Behaviour: Individual behaviour within the workplace, what colleagues and managers can expect

Ability: Individual skillsets and cognitive abilities relevant to the role

Competence: Individual competence to perform in the role to a high standard