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Individual Development

‘Human capital’ is a big buzzword in the HR industry, and for good reason: your workforce and their abilities are the drivers of your organisational success. But developing your human capital may be more difficult than it first appears.

More than just raw talent or demonstrable skill at daily tasks, more abstract aptitudes such as communication, emotional intelligence, management and leadership are vital to the productivity and satisfaction of every employee from warehouse porters to office workers to CEOs. In addition, each of these individuals naturally has specific needs for development and individual circumstances which might make a process highly effective for one person and an abysmal experience for the next.

Designing a process suited to an individual, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be a big ask. By recognising individual characteristics, preferences, and aptitudes, your development process can become a highly efficient catalyst for individual growth resulting in valuable return for your employees and organisation.

Our Approach

Our solutions for individual development are designed to objectively measure individual characteristics, including aptitudes which are often overlooked or difficult to observe, through various lenses. These analyses create opportunities for individuals to become more self-aware employees and managers to identify high potential.

Personality: Work-related characteristics, preferences, and motivations based on various individual traits

Behaviour: Individual behaviour within the workplace, what colleagues and managers experience

Styles: Individual styles of work and interaction with others, such as how one thinks about issues, solves problems, and makes decisions

Strengths: The areas in which an individual, team or organisation performs well and how they can be leveraged